Carpet Cleaning Problem Solving part 3 – Bad Odours

This is the last in a 3 part series where I deal with problems you may encounter when cleaning carpets commercially.


 I cleaned a carpet last week and the customer says it stayed damp for days and it now smells. How can I remedy the problem?

Carpet which takes too long to dry:

AD3004It was over-wet probably because it was heavily soiled and a more pre-spray and / or extraction cleaning solution was used.

Effective drying conditions were not in place. Doors and windows need to stay open for air flow; air movers should be used; some heating is beneficial but not without ventilation.


Bacteria may have set in causing the odour. Use a sanitiser such as CLENSAN as a pre-treatment to deodorise the bacteria. Follow label instructions and rinse-extract with FIBRE & FABRIC RINSE to which ODOUR FRESH can be added.


I cleaned a carpet and now the customer is complaining that the carpet has a pungent fishy smell. What can I do to get rid of the smell?

If smell is not due to slow drying as above, it could be that adhesive in the construction or adhesive which is gluing the carpet or tiles to the subfloor has been upset by the cleaning process. This is a difficult situation to remedy. Use ODOUR FRESH, Ensure good ventilation. The odour should improve with time.

Avoid over-wetting in future cleans.


 I’ve got an end-of-tenancy clean to do and the previous tenant had dogs / smoked. How do I get rid of the smell?

FoggerClean in the normal way but add ODOUR NEUTRALISER to the cleaning solution. It can also be sprayed onto the carpet and rinse-extracted.

For severe odour contamination, for example after a fire, ODOUR NEUTRALISER should be fogged into the room with a cold fogging unit as per label instructions.

For dog odour problems, try cleaning the area where the dog is known to have been lying with TRAFFIC LEAN or any other pre-spray with the solvent additive CITRA-BOOST in order to eliminate natural oils from the dog fur which will have transferred to the carpet or rug. Rinse-extract with FIBRE & FABRIC RINSE.


I’m cleaning a nursing home. How do I get rid of the smell of urine?

1. If the area where the urine went down can be located, spray with a strong hot solution of FIBRE & FABRIC RINSE and extract out with the same solution in the machine tank. Then treat with URINE NEUTRALISER as per label instructions.

2. If the urine odour is everywhere, pre-spray with NEUTRA-SOFT then rinse-extract with NEUTRA-SOFT® in the machine. Use this system on a regular maintenance basis to control odour.

3. Use ODOUR FRESH as a deodoriser.

4. Clean in the normal way then sanitise with CLENSAN.  Rinse-extract with FIBRE


I have a carpet to clean which smells of urine from puppies/kittens. What products do you suggest?

Dog PeeAll of the above systems also apply to animal urine. Spraying URINE NEUTRALISER onto fresh urine will be the most effective method of controlling the odour.

NB. If the urine has penetrated through the carpet to the underlay and/or subfloor, it is sometimes necessary to roll the carpet back and treat underneath with URINE NEUTRALISER to fully eliminate the urine odours.

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Carpet Cleaning – Problem Solving part 2


Which product should I use?

Prochem’s FLUOROSEAL PLUS or 3M’s Scotchgard.

How do I apply it?

ce100Apply by pressure sprayer with a fan tip nozzle to freshly cleaned, still damp carpet. Cross spray and brush in. If the carpet is new: vacuum and dampen the carpet with FIBRE & FABRIC RINSE solution. Scotchgard can be applied to dry, vacuumed carpet but it needs to be diluted 1 to 1. Do not walk on the carpet until thoroughly dry.

How long will it last?

The cleaner cannot guarantee how long the protector will last. This depends on the amount of foot traffic and how often the carpet is cleaned.

What is the coverage?

30m² to 50m² depending on how thick and deep the pile is.

Can I use these products on fabric too?

Fabric Seal


No. Use AQUA SEAL FABRIC PROTECTOR on wet cleanable fabric and FABRIC SEAL on dry-clean only fabrics. See product labels.



Ultrapac RenovateHow do I get rid of black marks round the edges of the carpet and under the doors?

These are draught or air filtration marks. Use ULTAPAC RENOVATE or FILTER OUT before the overall clean. If the carpet is a wool fibre, neutralise with FIBRE & FABRIC RINSE.

I cleaned a carpet and now there are straight black lines running the length of the room. What can I do?

If the lines are running in the same direction as the floorboards and are evenly spaced, these lines will probably be draught marks. The carpet does not have an impervious layer and sheet polythene should have been laid to prevent these air filtration marks. They have most likely been revealed by the cleaning process or brought up through the carpet from the underlay during extraction. Clean with ULTRAPAC RENOVATE or FILTER OUT. Rinse-extract with FIBRE & FABRIC RINSE. Advise the customer that the draught marks will come back unless the carpet is re-laid on an impervious sheet.


I have cleaned an oriental rug and the colours have run. What can I do?

Dye bleed is permanent and irreversible. Always test all products on every colour before use.

Silk rugs should not be wet cleaned. Consult the Prochem web site: click on Cleaning Specialist issue 15 page 15 for tips on rug cleaning. Consider taking a Prochem Training


I cleaned a wool carpet and it has shrunk. What can I do?

2286-PShrinkage is due to over-wetting a woven carpet. There is no chemical that will remedy shrinkage. Where there is very little shrinkage, it might be possible for a professional carpet fitter to stretch it back into place. Otherwise you will have to replace the carpet. Learn how to identify a woven carpet and either use minimum amounts of cleaning solution or a low moisture method to clean it (FIBERDRI, PROCAPS or FIBRE SHAMPOO for example).

I cleaned a synthetic carpet and it has shrunk. Why was that?

This may be because it was woven. Generally synthetic woven carpets should not be wet cleaned at all. Use FIBERDRI or refuse the job.

I cleaned a rug and now it is undulating and will not lie flat. Should I wet it again?

The rug has shrunk because it is woven. Wetting again will only aggravate the problem. The rug may lie flatter as it dries out, otherwise the damage may be permanent.


 A carpet I cleaned yesterday has gone wavy. What can I do?

If the carpet has not pulled away from the wall then the waves indicate stretching. This can happen on a carpet with a synthetic backing where the cleaning solution was too hot and/or too much pressure from the wand was used. Wait a few days – it may shrink back into place.

Otherwise a professional carpet fitter can re-fit it. Consider taking a Prochem Training Course.


I see that some extraction detergents contain anionic and/or non-ionic surfactants. What does this mean exactly?

SX2700Surfactants react with oil, grease and fat molecules and dissolve them into solution. They enable your cleaning detergent to wet carpet and upholstery fibres better and thus clean better. The molecule of an anionic surfactant has a slight negative electrical charge whereas as a non-ionic chemical has no charge. Most detergents are anionic and/or non-ionic. You would only really need to know this for questions of compatibility, since anionic detergents will cancel out the effects of cationic products which carry a slight positive charge. The cationic products that carpet cleaners will most likely come across are sanitisers, disinfectants and some deodorisers. Providing you follow the label instructions carefully you should not encounter any problems.

The above information is intended as a guide only. We cannot accept responsibility for the user’s professional cleaning application.

Be sure to look out for the third and final part of this blog which will be released shortly.

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UK First – Commercial Vacuum Cleaner with 24 Month Replacement Machine Warranty

Jangro’s recently launched catalogue features a commercial tub vacuum cleaner which has become the first in the UK to be covered by a 24 month free replacement machine guarantee. Add to this fantastically competitive pricing and you have a machine that’s set to take the UK commercial vacuum cleaner market by storm.

PNGThe manufacturers offer customers a dedicated after sales helpline, available 7 days a week. Simply call the help line who will talk you through a few basic checks and if the problem cannot be solved over the phone simply return the machine and manufacturer will send you a new one directly to your site (each new machine is supplied with a return to base carriage paid transport sticker)

This new tub vacuum has been designed from the bottom up. Most tub vacuums have the motor in the top making them top heavy and prone to tipping over. This machine has the motor in the base of the machine giving brilliant stability on all surfaces. It features a powerful 1400w motor, large 9L capacity however is only 4.5Kg! That’s 2.4Kg lighter than a Henry and the NRV200!

It has a HEPA H12 filter to catch even the smallest dust particles. And for the busy cleaning contractor it has a replaceable 12.5m kettle lead in case the lead become snagged.

1Catalogue CoverAnd to meet today’s energy efficiency standards it has an Eco setting to save money, reduce energy consumption and reduce noise for busy office cleaning.

Got loads of Numatic bags left over? Not to worry as they fit it too!

Complete with a 2 year warranty

  • Powerful 1400W motor
  • Ultra lightweight – only 4.5kg
  • 12.5m high visibility cable with easy change kettle connection
  • Hygenic HEPA H12 filter
  • Rear parking socket and onboard tools – one hand lift, easy storage
  • Eco power setting – reduced energy consumption and provides hi/lo variable power for on and off floor cleaning


For more information or to receive a copy of the new Jangro 2014/15 catalogue enter your details below.

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Get your hands on the new clean & fresh Jangro Catalogue – Its out now & its free!

Just Released – The Latest Jangro Catalogue

New from Jangro is its 2014-15, 164 page fully colour illustrated product catalogue. Containing approximately 4,300 products including nearly 500 new lines it remains the most comprehensive illustrated janitorial supplies and safety product directory in the UK.

jangro 2

There are exciting new innovations, new washroom paper products and dispensers, air fresheners, hand soaps and industrial cleansers. Exclusive to Jangro are the popular Premium and Contract ranges products which have expanded too. There are new workwear products, specialist floorcare machinery and recycling bins.

jangro 3

Jangro is the UK’s leading group of independent distributors of hygiene, cleaning, janitorial and catering supplies with 41 privately owned, regional depots. It offers the advantages of group buying, local delivery and owner managed depots.


The Jangro directory is the away-from-home buyers’ guide for washroom, housekeeping, kitchen hygiene, floor care, waste management, window cleaning, industrial cleaning, wiping, nursing care; health and safety, personal protective equipment and workwear.

jangro 4


Following the popularity of Jangro’s catering products; this section has been moved to a specialist sector directory available later this year.

1Catalogue Cover


No buyer’s office is complete without the Jangro catalogue. For your free copy please enter your details below (UK only). Ask us a about our quantity discounts and next day delivery.


For a free catalogue or additional information please enter your details below

You can also call us on 020 7700 3322 or email 

Janitorial Express

Janitorial Express is a member of the Jangro Group and one of London’s leading Janitorial Supplies Houses, located just a mile from Kings Cross in the very heart of London.

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New Washroom Innovation for Schools – The Jangronaughts

Meet the Jangronauts – hand-washing heroes!

Four loveable hand-washing heroes are ready to teach primary school children the vital importance of hygiene!

Jimmy, Jess, Jack and Jade have all been brought to life by Jangro, which is the UK’s largest network of independent janitorial supply companies.

The four animated characters, the Jangronauts, feature on a range of hand washing dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers and hand drying units for school washrooms.

They also have their very own website, which has a catchy hand-washing rhyme and downloadable activities including a teachers’ pack, colouring sheets, a story book, masks, posters and mirror stickers.

Jangronauts launch

Educational resources

Lively educational resources have been put together to help teachers and parents engage with children and deliver the hand washing messages in a fun and interactive way.

The story book takes children through the delightful adventures of Jimmy, Jade, Jack and Jess and each mini story highlights when it is important to wash hands.

Certificates are a great way to recognise the hand washing efforts of the children and are perfect to present in assemblies and to send home to parents.

The colouring sheets, dot to dots pages, spot the difference, guess the animals, amazing mazes, cut out Jangronaut figures and masks can all be utilised for when rain stops outside play.

Fun, fully removable, mirror stickers transform the pupils into official Jangronauts and encourage them to wash their hands for longer, by simply placing them at head height on the mirrors in the washrooms.

Posters can also be displayed around school to teach children when they should wash their hands.

Cool curriculum

Jangro has worked with teaching experts to create a pack of curriculum ideas suitable for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

As hygiene is part of childrens’ Foundation stage assessment criteria (an early learning goal) there is a whole host of ideas including interactive circle time discussions, numeracy tasks and outdoor activities included in the pack.

Key Stage 1 topic work includes the Jangronauts journey over land and sea for geography or horrible stories of the way disease and germs have shaped the history of the UK and beyond.

Watch and learn

A two-minute digital rhyme, which can be used in class, explains why children need to wash their hands and includes a step-by-step guide on the correct way to do it.

Meet the Jangronauts!

Jangronaut Jimmy has crossed space and time. Now he is high-fiving aliens covered in slime. Jimmy must make sure when he gets home, to wash his hands with plenty of foam.

Jangronaut Jess loves to picnic in the sky in her pretty balloon way up high. She finds a rain cloud when it is time to eat, to wash her hands before yummy treats.

Jangronaut Jack gets a ride on an elephant’s back and races leopards round a racetrack. As the sun sets on a really wild day, Jack scrubs his hands to wash the germs away.

Jangronaut Jade swims around the ocean with ease, but the cold water has made her sneeze. Not wanting to spread her germs everywhere she washes her hands – bugs beware!

Find out more by entering your details below.

For more information call us on 020 7700 3322 or email 

Janitorial Express

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BICSc London & Home Counties Region – Thames Summer Cruise 2014



On the day:

silver service large tileSignature BBQ Buffet
Cruise along the Thames with drinks and lunch
Followed by some socialising / networking on the Southbank

£49.50 Per Ticket

riverthamessmallBICSc member and group bookings of 10+ tickets
£5 discount.
(Only 1 discount applies)

For tickets and more information:

Rob Sutherland: 07830 117576

Boat 3Time & Location:
Date – Thursday 3rd July 2014
Time – 12.15pm Boarding 3.45pm Disembarkation,
Location – Festival Pier,
The Southbank,


Boat 2

The Elizabethan 

Fitted out to the highest standards, she is one of the most desirable boats for hire on the River Thames in London. Welcoming groups of twenty to two hundred, her versatile layout and beautiful lines have resulted in her becoming the choice of royalty, the rich and famous.
Her spacious upper deck provides a fresh space for guests to mingle. Wooden paneling and sumptuous carpets in her saloon are matched with spectacular views through vast windows that were sympathetically installed to retain her beautiful lines as part of a half-million pound refit in 2013.

BICSc-Regions-London-&-Home-Counties (1)

 Photo’s from last years trip.

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8 Online Training Courses for Cleaners Now Available

Jangro Logo

The Jangro Learning Management System (LMS) incorporates a fully interactive suite of training and information modules, available over the Internet or direct to your Apple iOS, Blackberry or Android device via a simple to use Jangro app.


Jangro have a suite of 8 online training course with downloadable certificates, they are:

  1.  Jangro Floor Care eLearning course
  2. Jangro COSHH eLearning course
  3. Jangro Washroom eLearning course
  4. Jangro Health & Safety eLearning course
  5. Jangro Colour Coding & Infection Control eLearning course
  6. Jangro Kitchen Hygiene eLearning course
  7. Jangro Carpet Care eLearning course
  8. Jangro Intro to Equipment eLearning course


The system offers a blended learning experience where the whole company can learn at different locations, office, home or even on the bus.

jangro-app-lms1The Jangro LMS includes a number of interactive modules that make learning simple convenient. These include interactive modules that provide training and basic level courses such as “Introduction to Cleaning” through to more specialised modules like “The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health”. There are also product videos that run through, from start to finish, the process for using all major Jangro products.

The first release of LMS programmes offers modules to cover Certificatebasic everyday janitorial activities,. Each module comes with range of online COSHH and technical data sheets, risk assessment and product usage guides, animated instruction on everyday tasks and an ‘Ask the expert’ interactive source of information.  The LMS is accessible on any laptop, palmtop, tablet, BlackBerry, android phones or iPad. All sources of information, excluding the LMS training modules, can also be accessed on a new Jangro mobile phone App or by scanning the relevant QR code in the packed Jangro catalogue and soon to be available on all product packaging.

COSHHFree Trial I have purchased 100 licences  and will make these available to the first 50 UK companies to contact me, 2 courses per company. Please enter your details below to register



For more information call us on 020 7700 3322 or email 

Janitorial Express                                                                      


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